Camas Emergency Room Error Attorney

Every year, millions of patients visit emergency rooms (ERs) around the U.S. These visits should help patients, not end in worse odds for recovery than when they arrived. Unfortunately, many ERs in Camas and throughout Washington are replete with errors, inefficiencies and hazards that interfere with proper patient care. Emergency room errors could stand in the way of a patient’s healthy recovery.

Please contact us if you believe an emergency room error is behind your recent injury or illness or a family member’s death. The health center may owe you financial compensation for causing your preventable harm. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we can investigate your case for signs of medical malpractice. Then, we can help your family fight for fair financial relief.

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How Can a Camas Malpractice Lawyer Help?

Hiring a Camas medical malpractice attorney can help you work through the details of your claim. A lawyer can inform you of your rights, help you seek compensation through the appropriate outlets and prevent you from accepting a lowball settlement. You will not have to worry about talking to insurance claims adjusters or saying the wrong thing when you hire an attorney. Your lawyer will handle negotiations for you while you focus on yourself. A lawyer can also explain the complicated medical malpractice laws that may surround your ER error case in Oregon, giving you greater peace of mind.

Why Do Emergency Room Errors Occur?

Most emergency room errors are preventable. They occur when one or multiple parties fail to uphold their standards of care according to the expectations of the medical industry. If a receptionist, nurse, physician’s assistant, doctor, surgeon, radiologist or another party at the ER behaves negligently, that person could be guilty of malpractice if a patient gets hurt as a result.

There are many examples of preventable emergency room errors. Careless mistakes and avoidable oversights could lead to a misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, failure to treat, medication mistake, surgical error or another type of malpractice. An individual or the health care center could be liable for any instance of medical malpractice that harms a patient.

Are You Eligible for Compensation?

Emergency room errors could interfere with a patient receiving the care he or she needs to treat an illness or injury. It could also result in additional health problems, including serious hospital-acquired infections. If you believe you are the victim of a preventable ER error, find out if you are eligible for recovery. If so, you may be able to obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, disability expenses, legal fees, and more.

Contact a Camas Emergency Room Error Attorney

Emergency rooms in Washington should not make preventable mistakes that could lead to patient injuries, infections, illness or fatalities. Yet, every day, new victims of medical malpractice emerge in Oregon. It is up to each ER and its staff members to uphold the medical industry standards of patient care. Falling below these standards could lead to malpractice lawsuits from injured patients.

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