Uterine Rupture and Birth Injuries | Personal Injury Lawyer in Oregon

If you are pregnant and have had a C-section before, it is important to understand the possibility for a uterine rupture and the affects that it can have on you and your baby. While women who have never had a C-section are at less risk to suffer from uterine rupture, there are a small percentage of mothers who have had the procedure done before who are harmed by a tear in the uterus. A uterine rupture occurs when the wall of the uterus is torn. This usually happens at the same location the C-section incision occurred. If severe enough, a uterine rupture can be very dangerous.

It is the duty of the physician to make sure they notice signs of a uterine rupture by monitoring the labor. If they notice that the uterus has been torn, they must act quickly to make sure no damage is done to the mother or the baby. The doctor should look for signs such as the baby’s heart rate increasing or abnormal activity, or pain the abdomen for the mother. There may also be high heart rate for the mother, shock, or vaginal bleeding.

If the uterus has ruptured, there’s a chance an emergency C-section will be performed to deliver the baby. This way the doctors can focus on the mother. Failure to monitor or treat this in a timely manner can cause injuries to both the mother and the baby. If the baby is not delivered immediately, it could suffer serious brain injuries due to loss of its crucial lifeline in the stomach. It is important to make sure that action is taken in a swift manner to protect the baby.

Uterine ruptures are considered rare, but if they do happen, they can be serious. It is important to know that if your child suffered injury due to the inaction of a doctor or the failure to monitor or detect a uterine rupture, you may be entitled to compensation. A child who suffers birth injuries can deal with physical damages for years to come or even his or her whole life. Making sure that you are justly compensated is important. Hiring a Portland personal injury attorney can be the difference between dealing with these hardships and recovering damages due to the negligence of a treating physician.