Oregon Bicycle Injury Attorneys Talk Road Sharing

Oregon is a mecca for bicyclists. It seems nearly every year the city of Portland tops lists like
Best Bicycle Cities in the U.S. With more bicycles on the road in and around the city center, the chances for bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles increases.

The Portland Tribune covered a recent accident in an article titled “Bicyclist Injured in Molalla Crash”. In an accident in Clackamas County on Highway 211, a motorist struck and seriously injured a bicycle rider who was then airlifted to the hospital. The accident shut down the highway for 45 minutes.

As cyclists, drivers and Oregon bicycle accident lawyers, we believe both motorists and bicyclists can do more to prevent accidents in the first place. Motorists need to look for cyclists – as you are driving and before making any turns or pulling onto streets. Cyclists can do everything right and still get hit by a motorist who is not looking for cyclists. To prevent getting hit, cyclists should do everything they can to make themselves visible to motorists. When it is dark or cars are driving with the headlights on it is hard to always spot a cyclist, especially if there is no light or a small light on the bike. Be brighter than you think is necessary to increase your odds of being seen. Flashing lights help draw attention. Always wear a helmet to protect your head for those moments when motorists don’t see you.

A previous blog post titled, “Oregon Bicycle Accident Lawyers Talk Bike Injuries“ provides some of the sobering bicycle accident statistics:

  • A bicyclist is fatally injured every 6 hours;
  • Nearly one million children are injured each year in bicycle related accidents;
  • Nearly half of all bicycle fatalities occur to children under the age of 16;
  • 75% of all serious injuries and fatalities from bicycle accidents are from head injuries;
  • While collisions with cars account for only 1/3rd of all bicycle accidents, they account for the majority of catastrophic injuries and deaths.

While Oregon bicycle riders are required to obey traffic laws, they are also entitled to the same legal protection of those laws as automobile drivers. Not knowing the law will not protect you against negligence if you injure a bicyclist.

Those who have been involved in an Oregon bicycle accident and sustained injuries are encouraged to contact an Oregon bicycle injury attorney to find out what your legal options are.