Window Dangers Due To Heat Wave

That was quite a heatwave we had here in Portland over the weekend! Even though it has cooled down for now, the issue of window safety is still important. The Oregonian reported that some seven children in the Portland-Vancouver region have fallen from open windows this summer. Many believe window screens provide a safe barrier for their children, but in fact children can, and do, easily push or fall through screens. Others who don’t have window screens think windows are out of children’s reach and thus safe.

Though falling from upper stories is the most worrisome, don’t think your child can’t get hurt from falling from a ground-level window. A drop from a ground-level window can still cause great harm.

To prevent falls from windows, authorities suggest a number of options: install window locks; installwindow guards; and move furniture and other objects away from windows so children can’t climb up to the windows.

Though window safety may seem obvious, judging by the number of accidental falls reported, windows are frequently overlooked when it comes to childproofing. In fact, making windows safe is a good idea even if you don’t have children–I nearly fell out the window yesterday as I cleaned the window glass! So, be safe and be careful.