Will an Auto Insurance Settlement Cover Chiropractic Care?

Vehicle accidents in Oregon can result in drivers and passengers sustaining significant injuries. In some cases, extensive medical care is needed so that a victim and make a full recovery. It is not uncommon for doctors to recommend that car accident victims seek treatment from a trained chiropractor in order to help alleviate their pain and assist with the recovery process. However, it is important to know whether or not chiropractic care will be covered in an auto insurance settlement.

Woman in Pain After Car Accident

Why Would Chiropractic Care be Needed After a Car Accident?

It is not uncommon for vehicle collisions to result in a victim sustaining neck, spine, or soft muscle injuries that could be treated by a skilled chiropractor. Chiropractors who specialize in assisting accident victims are often able to help their patients manage ongoing pain and promote faster healing.

We do need to point out that it is important for any person involved in a vehicle accident to seek immediate medical care from a trained doctor. Even if a person thinks that their injuries are relatively minor, they need to be evaluated by a physician who can conduct an examination and determine the full extent of any injuries. Insurance carriers are going to be looking to see whether or not the injury victim sought treatment from a medical doctor.

We do know that many car accident injury signs and symptoms do not show up until hours, days, or even weeks after a crash occurs. Even if a person does not feel any immediate pain in their neck or spine, there could be an underlying injury that manifests itself later. In some cases, a doctor will actually refer a crash victim to a chiropractor for additional or preventative care. If a doctor does not do this, we still recommend that car accident victims seek treatment from a chiropractor as soon as possible.

Prompt medical care and chiropractic care can help establish a solid timeline that will be difficult for insurance carriers or a personal injury jury to deny. This will help improve the chances that a crash victim will receive full compensation for their losses.

Will This Treatment be Covered in an Insurance Settlement?

An unfortunate reality of these situations is that chiropractic care is still regarded by many people as non-medical and discretionary. This is often the stance that insurance carriers will take when determining whether or not they will pay a settlement to a crash victim.

In order for a vehicle accident victim to increase their odds of receiving full compensation, including coverage of their chiropractic care, we recommend that they take the following steps:

  1. Begin chiropractic treatment soon after the crash occurs
  2. Ask a doctor for a referral to a chiropractor as part of the overall recovery process
  3. Ensure that the chiropractor documents the condition and the treatment plan and puts notes into your patient medical records
  4. Maintain an activity log and an injury log that details doctor visits as well as daily physical pain
  5. Adhere to all physical therapy and treatments plans put in place by doctors or chiropractors

One of the best ways for a car accident victim in Portland to ensure that they receive full compensation after a crash is to seek assistance from a skilled attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can use their resources and legal expertise to fully investigate what happened. They will also work with trusted medical and economic experts to properly calculate all expected losses so that they can recover the compensation their clients need.