We’re #1 … Not

This is kind of a funny story. We often find fault with TriMet, our local transit authority, but apparently TriMet thinks very highly of itself. When a U.S. News & World Report article rated Portland as “the nation’s best city for public transportation,” TriMet interpreted that to mean the agency was the nation’s top transit agency and took the ball running. TriMet spent some $8,000 on signs for its buses and trains that proclaimed “#1 Transit.”

Unfortunately for TriMet, U.S. News & World Report changed its mind, or rather, a correction noted that the original article had been incorrect, and just like that Portland dropped from #1 for public transportation to #5.TriMet plans to take down all 168 signs.

The top city for public transportation, in case you are interested, is Denver. After that it’s New York, Los Angeles, then Boston. I don’t know, though, about Los Angeles. I have never heard of anyone taking public transportation there. Perhaps U.S. News & World Report will issue yet another correction.

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