Water Drinking Contestant Dies of Hyponatremia

Recently I blogged about the woman in Sacramento, CA, who participated in a water-drinking contest at a radio station then died of hyponatremia. Her family sued the radio station, and the case is currently in trial. Now I have an update for you, courtesy of this article in the Sacramento Bee.

The family of the deceased is requesting an award between $34 million and $44.3 million. The jury has been in deliberations for six days now and has not yet reached a verdict. The jury did, however, ask for a 10-key adding machine, purportedly to run some numbers and assess damages. The jury must also decide on liability. The defense argued that the victim is partly liable for her own death because of “contributory negligence.” In other words, she willingly and enthusiastically participated in the water-drinking contest and thus is partly responsible for the outcome.

There’s a gag order in effect, so the attorneys cannot speak to the media about the case, but you can bet people will have plenty to say after the jury makes its decision.