Understanding Oregon’s Employer Liability Law

In the state of Oregon, workers are protected by the Employer Liability Law (ELL). The ELL was designed to protect and ensure the safety of workers and can provide extended coverage beyond Worker’s Compensation to injured workers.

The ELL states that safety equipmentmust be provided to employees. Specifically, it states that “ … all owners, contractors or subcontractors and other persons having charge of, or responsibility for, any work involving a risk or danger to the employees or the public shall use every device, care and precaution that is practicable to use for the protection and safety of life or limb … without regard to the additional cost of suitable material or safety appliance and devices.”

In other words, your employer is responsible for providing you with adequate safety equipment.

Following are some examples of situations where the Oregon employer should provide safety equipment:

– you work for a tree trimming company and will be climbing trees to cut limbs
– you work for a food manufacturing plant that utilizes meat grinding equipment
– you work for a lumberyard and are required to operate forklifts and large machinery
– you work for a glass facility in which you must handle large pieces of glass

The best way to avoid injuries on the job is to have a safe job site. However, if you or someone you know has suffered a workplace injury in Oregon and think you may have a personal injury case, contact the Paulson Coletti team.