Traumatic Brain Injuries at Birth | Oregon Personal Injury Blog

For many mothers, giving birth is the most amazing experience they will have. They are bringing a new life into the world. Unfortunately, these situations can be a bit more stressful when something goes wrong. Perhaps the baby has been deprived of oxygen or compressed in the birth canal for an extended period of time. This can lead to traumatic brain injuries at birth. There are symptoms that you may look out for to determine if your child suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Whether the injury was minor such as a hematoma or fracture, or severe such as seizures, it is important to determine the exact cause of the injury. These types of injuries can also be caused by the excessive use of forceps during delivery. Whatever the cause, this type of injury can affect your child’s life forever, as well as both parents.

Traumatic brain injuries cause more than just the physical damage. Plenty of families feel the emotional and financial effects for many years to come due to special equipment, medical bills, lost wages for time that the parents must take off of work, ongoing surgeries, and more. MRIs, CT scans, and EEGs can all be used to check for traumatic brain injuries. These may find some serious conditions such as brain hemorrhages or bleeding on the brain.

Whether you are dealing with the costs of long-term medical care or the emotional hardships stemming from the injury of your child, it is important to seek legal counsel. You may be able to receive compensation for a doctor’s oversight or negligent actions if they caused the traumatic brain injury at birth. Hiring a skilled Portland personal injury lawyer can go a long way to helping you recover the money you need to cover the related damages.

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