Medical Costs of an Injury | Portland Personal Injury Attorney

For many accident victims, getting medical treatment after a wrongful injury is near impossible. Without proper compensation, people who are wrongfully injured may never get the care they need to recover after an injury.

The New York Times’ series on the high cost of medical care in America, Paying Till It Hurts , revealed that medical expenses in the United States have soared to a near $2.9 trillion. Together with CBS News, the NYT conducted a poll to determine just how healthcare costs in the U.S. are affecting people –

  • National opinion on the affordability of healthcare has changed substantially in just the last year. In December 2013, 36% of Americans polled said that the cost of basic medical care was a hardship. This year, that percentage jumped to 46%.
  • Aside from what insurance will cover, out of pocket expenses for medical care seem to have increased as well, at least in the public’s opinion. 33% of those polled said that these expenses have “gone up a lot” in recent years.
  • 24% of Americans polled said that they were less likely to get medical treatment for illness/injury due to the increased costs.

Many people who are injured in accidents forego medical treatment because they are afraid of the cost. Medical treatment for many Americans has become more expensive in recent years, but it should not stop people from getting the necessary care.

Rising medical costs actually highlight the need for fair settlements, and verdicts, for plaintiffs in personal injury cases. People who are injured by the negligent, careless, or wrongful acts of others should not have to pay out of pocket for injuries they did not cause.

Accident victims are also encouraged to seek prompt medical treatment, which can serve a dual purpose. First, prompt medical care can increase positive patient outcomes. Second, prompt medical care can serve as valuable evidence of physical injury following an event rising out of negligence.

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