Stay away from the sprouts!

I always loved getting alfalfa sprouts on sandwiches, but then there was that whole sprout-salmonella thing, and it became difficult to find sandwiches with sprouts. I had forgotten all about that until I read in the newspaper today about a salmonella outbreak involving clover sprouts. The sprouts are produced by Sprouters Northwest of Kent, WA, and were distributed in the Pacific Northwest.

The Oregonian article reports that while this is the first clover sprout outbreak in Oregon, it is certainly not the first sprout outbreak. In fact, there have been 13 sprout outbreaks in the state in the past 15 years. William Keene of Oregon Public Health advises against consuming any type of sprout.

The outbreak in Oregon was traced to the Jimmy John’s sandwich chain in Bend. Sprouters Northwest has recalled its clover sprouts and won’t produce them while the FDA looks into the situation.