Shot in the Back

There has been a lot of controversy over the shooting death of Aaron Campbell. In January of 2010 Portland Police officer Ronald Frashour shot and killed the unarmed Campbell and was later fired for his actions. Well, just last week a state arbitrator completed an investigation and concluded that Frashour should not have been fired and that Frashour must be reinstated and paid back wages.

The background is that Campbell was distraught over the death of his brother and displayed suicidal tendencies. The police were called, and Campbell was ordered out of an apartment. He emerged, and bean-bag rounds were shot at him. Campbell then started to run, so Frashour fired his AR-15 rifle and shot Campbell once in the back, killing him.

Frashour claimed he believed Campbell was armed, but Portland police chief Mike Reese fired him, saying Frashour was the only person who fired live rounds and that Frashour used poor judgment and was too focused on his weapon. Some also believed race was a factor in the shooting (Campbell was black, and Frashour is white).

Arbitration found that Frashour acted according to his training and was justified in his use of deadly force. In other words, the controversy isn’t over.

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