Paulson Coletti Supports “Save Our Juries”

../save Our JuriesThe attorneys at Paulson Coletti are proud supporters of Save Our Juries, an initiative of the American Board of Trial Advocates. Juries are the reason David can take on Goliath in America. They give equal footing in a courtroom and the ability for a day in court with a jury of members of the community.

People forget about the importance of being able to be a juror and it is a right we have as citizens. The media has turned the duty to serve on a jury from a privilege into a negative. Being on a jury is a right we should be proud of as citizens. The goal of Save Our Juries is to remind people of that right and the importance of juries.

The Right to Trial by Jury

The right to trial by jury is guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is every citizen’s right to take a civil dispute to a jury of our peers. Our civil jury system is the envy of the world, and one of the few systems of its kind left anywhere. Many countries used to have civil jury systems, but they were eroded over time, along with the rights of citizens.

For Us, Trial Law Is a Way of Life

Jane Paulson and John Coletti are both members of Save Our Juries and the ABOTA because they are passionate about preserving civil trial by jury. As litigators, we don’t just talk about jury trial – we do it. We have the thick skin and competitive nature it takes to represent people in this forum to secure the results they both need and deserve after a wrongful injury.

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