Sandy Oregon Farm Tractor Accident – Work Injury Rights

Oregon news source, reported that six workers at Sandy Farms in Sandy, Oregon were injured last month when their berry harvester rolled over on them. Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) spokeswoman Melanie Mesaros stated in the article that Sandy Farms had other industrial accidents and OSHA violations in recent years. In October 2010, the farm reported an accident in which a tractor ran over a worker’s leg. In February 2013, a worker suffered a head fracture in a tractor accident. The article states in both incidents the farm was issued OSHA citations. The article titled: “6 hurt in Sandy tractor rollover, farm had prior violations”gives details.

As Portland personal injury lawyers, we hear work injury stories like these all too often.

OSHA regulations help provide a safe work environment for workers exposed to injury and risk on a daily basis. Yet, many companies ignore these regulations and continue to expose workers to unnecessary risk in the workplace. Some of the hazards workers face include: defective and improperly assembled scaffolding, poor safety equipment and training, improperly maintained and unsafe operation of heavy equipment.

Workers injured in Oregon are protected by Oregon’s Employer Liability Law in addition to OSHA regulations. This law states that an employer is liable for an injury or death in the following cases:

  • The employer and the injured worker are engaged in an activity that is a common enterprise (meaning the employer profits from the activity as does the worker).
  • The employer has the power to direct the activities of the worker.
  • The employer has direct supervision and control of work performed by the worker.

Work injuries and accidents must be investigated as soon as possible to determine the responsible party and to preserve important evidence.

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