Saga of the Payette Clinic Continues

We’ve gotten a lot of response from our post about the Payette Clinic, a Vancouver, Washington, pain clinic that is under federal investigation for allegedly overprescribing pain medications. The clinic is owned by two nurse practitioners, and there are no medical doctors on staff. In March the nurse owners gave up their licenses to prescribe controlled substances such as Class II opiates (e.g., the addictive oxycodone, morphine, methadone, and the like) while the investigation continues.

Problems for the Payette Clinic continue, however, and just recently the father of a young woman who died of an oxycodone overdose filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the clinic. The 18-year-old woman got the drug from a clinic patient who received prescriptions for pain medications then sold them. The 18-year-old patient is also named in the lawsuit. The lawsuit contends that the Payette Clinic recklessly prescribed pain medications and disregarded public safety.

The father who filed the lawsuit gave several reasons for naming the Payette Clinic. One was his surprise and alarm upon learning that dozens of complaints had already been filed against the clinic. Another reason was the fact that there were no medical doctors involved in the management of the Payette Clinic. The father hopes for stricter regulations concerning prescription pain medications.