Runaway doctor

It sounds like the plot to a bad made-for-television movie: a doctor flees the country after he is sued for malpractice. Sadly, it is truth, not fiction. Mark Weinberger was a surgeon in Indiana who was on the lam for more than five years. He was caught in Italy in late 2009. He was apparently living on a mountain in a tent.

Weinberger faced a medical negligence civil lawsuit in 2004 for failing to diagnose a patient’s lung cancer. The patient was 50 years old and died of the lung cancer. Rather than diagnosing the cancer, Weinberger performed allegedly unnecessary surgeries. He then fled the country to avoid the trial. Now that Weinberger is back in the United States, he will finally be tried.

In addition to the civil suit, Weinberger has other problems, including numerous counts of health care fraud. Weinberger apparently billed insurance companies for surgeries he never performed. And that’s not all–he also faces more than 350 state medical malpractice suits, and his medical malpractice insurance carrier has slapped him with a federal lawsuit for breaching his contract by fleeing the country.

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