Roll Over Land Rover

There hasn’t been much talk lately about the dangers of rollover accidents. I guess there are plenty of other issues grabbing the headlines! There are still plenty of lawsuits concerning rollovers, however. Recently Jaguar Land Rover was ordered to pay $21.1 million in damages to a man who was involved in a rollover accident while driving his Land Rover Discovery vehicle. The accident, which occurred in 2003 in southern California, left the man paralyzed.

The judge found the design of the Land Rover Discovery to be faulty; he felt the Discovery’s center of gravity was too high, thus making the vehicle more prone to rollovers, and that the roof was not sturdy enough (the roof crumpled, and the driver’s spinal cord was permanently damaged).

Jaguar Land Rover contends the Discovery is not faulty and plans to appeal the decision. The company claims the accident is what caused the injuries and not the vehicle itself.

And up in northern California, a judge ordered Ford Motor Co. to pay $18.3 million to a musician who was paralyzed in a rollover accident when he was a passenger in a Ford passenger van. In this case, the seat-latching mechanism was blamed. The musician had his seatbelt secured, but the seat came loose from the floor of the van, and the musician’s head hit the roof of the vehicle, causing spinal injuries.