Road rage and Portland police, continued

Last year the president of the Portland Police Association (the union) was involved in two road-rage incidents, oddly with the same vehicle but in different parts of the city and on different days. Scott Westerman allegedly was the instigator of the encounters, on both occasions yelling at the driver of a smart car. I guess it was bad luck for Westerman that he targeted the same car. The driver of the smart car took down Westerman’s license plate and filed a report, but the license plate was labeled as “unable to locate.”

After it was discovered that Westerman, a nearly 20-year veteran with the Portland Police Bureau, was the culprit, he resigned as the union president and was placed on paid administrative leave for a half year. At the time Westerman apologized for his behavior.

This morning Westerman was fired for violating a number of Portland police directives, including courtesy, professional conduct, and truthfulness. His firing was the result of an internal affairs investigation and was recommended by the Performance Review Board. Why do I have a feeling this isn’t the end of the story?

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