Road rage all around

Remember last summer there was that road rage incident in Idaho that involved an off-duty Portland police officer? Well, the case went to trial recently, and the police officer, Captain Todd Wyatt, was acquitted of the charge of exhibiting a firearm. That doesn’t mean, though, that he was in the right. In fact, based on this article in the Oregonian, it kind of seems like both parties were responsible.

Wyatt was headed home from vacation with his family during the road rage incident that took place near the Idaho-Washington border. At one point he waved his gun at the other car, and later he was pulled over by Washington State troopers.

Wyatt claims he held his gun and his badge up to the window to try to communicate to the other vehicle that he was a police officer and that they should back off. He says the other car cut him off several times and would slow down in front of him and was putting both vehicles and other motorists in danger. The occupants of the other car, however, had a different story. The driver admitted to passing Wyatt on the one-lane freeway onramp, but then, he claims, Wyatt began to follow him and waved a gun at him, frightening him enough to prompt him to call 9-1-1. That is what led to Wyatt being pulled over by troopers.

Wyatt may have been acquitted in Idaho, but the Portland Police Bureau is continuing its investigation of him to see if he violated bureau policy.