Recall of Children’s Vaccine

Merck & Co. has recalled a pediatric vaccine commonly used against Hib, a cause of meningitis, pneumonia, and other diseases and infections. The vaccine is provided in a series of shots generally beginning within the 1st two months of life.

The vaccines were recalled because of a problem with sterilization. While Merck claims that there is no known health threat associated with the vaccine, if you have concerns that your child has received the vaccine from one of the recalled lots, please consult your pediatrician immediately and explain your concerns.

Group B strep meningitis is a potentially deadly infection, which if diagnosed in a timely manner, is curable with antibiotics. Signs of meningitis include vomiting, fussiness, irritability, fever, lethargy as well as rash and blotchy skin. With young children, particularly in the first 28 days of life, the symptoms vary and frequently appear without fever. If you are concerned that your child may have meningitis, it is safest to take your child to an emergency room as soon as possible. A septic workup should be completed to accurately diagnose and treat the source of infection.