Product Liability Law – Do you have a case?

We’ve all dealt with defective products of one sort or another, but when those defects cause harm or injury, you may have a product liability claim. You must prove the product is defective to warrant a case. Our firm has been handling product liability cases in Oregon and Washington for decades. To help you further understand product liability law to see if you have a case, know that there are three categories of product defects:

– design defects
– defects in manufacturing
– marketing defects

Design defects are flaws in the original design or concept of the product. Manufacturing defects take place during the production of the item. Marketing defects are when instructions or information are not sufficiently detailed.

For instance, let’s say you have a hair-styling product. If used for a specific purpose, it may be perfectly safe. That same product, however, could be dangerous if used incorrectly, and it must come with clear warnings and applicable information.

If a product meets the following three criteria, then you may have a product liability claim against the manufacturer:

– the product was defective
– the defect was in place before the product was distributed and sold
– the defect caused damages or injuries

We handle personal injury & wrongful death cases for defective and dangerous product liabilities, product recalls, and negligent injury cases. Read more about our work in product liability law and see some of our recent verdicts here.

If you believe you may have a product liability claim or have questions about product liability, contact Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys.