Oregon Coast Aviation Accident | Portland Airplane Accident Lawyer

A tragic accident on the Oregon Coast last summer resulted in the deaths of five people. The accident involved a single-engine plane that crashed into a vacation home. The pilot, a passenger, and three children in the home were killed. How do you overcome such a tragedy?

To make matters worse, now a report by the National Transportation Safety Board indicates that the owner of the plane had voiced concerns about the pilot’s judgment and skills weeks before the accident. In fact, he had made some stipulations to the pilot that the pilot was required to meet in order to be allowed to continue flying the plane. These conditions were that the pilot needed to fly solo and only in good weather conditions with clear visibility (i.e., no flying by instruments only). Well, it seems the pilot ignored both of these requirements, since he was flying with a passenger, and the weather the morning he took off was heavy fog.

It may be difficult to get to the absolute truth of the matter, since the pilot is dead, but regardless of whether the pilot broke the rules or exercised extremely poor judgment, the fact remains that five people died. The NTSB’s final report on the accident, which may reveal the likely cause of the crash, should be released this year.