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Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC is available to represent clients in both Oregon and Washington who have been injured due to Biotronik pacemakers. We are uniquely skilled to handle defective product cases, evidenced by our “Best Law Firms” rating in the field of product liability litigation and Attorney John Coletti’s “Lawyer of the Year” designation in product liability for plaintiffs.

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Problems with Biotronik Pacemakers

Pacemakers are essential for people living with bradycardia. Without these medical devices, the heart would beat too slowly, putting individuals at risk for serious heart events and even death. Some patients have reported problems with Biotronik’s pacemakers, including both major and minor events, such as:

If you or a loved one has experienced these or other concerning symptoms after receiving the Biotronik pacemaker implant, seek medical attention and then contact an attorney at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC.

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Our adherence to high standards of ethics and professionalism set us apart. We refuse to accept frivolous cases, as our reputation for credibility clearly demonstrates.

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