Oregon AMR Paramedic Accused of Molesting Women

There’s been a disturbing story in the Oregonian that I’ve been following. A paramedic with a local ambulance company, American Medical Response (AMR), was accused of sexually molesting women as they were taken to hospitals. Now, if an ambulance is called, you can assume that the person requiring transporting is probably in a vulnerable and somewhat impaired state. So, this paramedic took advantage of these defenseless women.

One victim, Royshekka Herring, decided to come forth and fight back. She filed a lawsuit against the ambulance company and was recently awarded $3.25 million for pain and suffering. The paramedic, Lannie Haszard, was sentenced to five years in prison for abuse in August 2008.

In the two years prior to Herring’s attack, three women had filed complaints against the paramedic with AMR or the police. All complaints concerned inappropriate sexual behavior on Haszard’s part. While the defense argued that AMR investigated the complaints, the plaintiff’s attorney contended that AMR did not take the complaints seriously.

Four other women have filed lawsuits against AMR. They will all be tried separately.