Oregon Medical Negligence Attorneys Explain Birth Injuries

The birth of a child is a joyous event. Thankfully, most U.S. births are conducted in a safe environment by a capable medical staff. Sadly, in spite of modern advances, mistakes are made and babies are injured.

Complications with the pregnancy, labor and delivery present a wide variety of challenges for a newborn baby. It’s important for people to understand what causes birth injuries and when mistakes are made, where they can turn to for help.

Important Facts about Birth Injuries:

  • Reports show that birth injuries occur in approximately 3 of every 100 births.
  • Most birth injuries are the result of induced or C-Section deliveries.
  • The most serious birth injuries involve damage to the brain: Brain Damage, Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Injury and Ergs Palsy.
  • The severity of these injuries varies from very mild to severe or even death of the infant.

What are Birth Injuries?

Sometimes during the birth process, the baby suffers what’s called birth trauma or birth injury. There are “natural” circumstances where a newborn is harmed by oxygen deprivation during the labor and delivery process. These instances can range from the umbilical cord being compressed or twisted during the birth process to the baby being too large or breach or turned in the womb. The severity of the injuries varies – from very mild injuries to injuries that cause the death of an infant.

Nevertheless, there are instances where brain damage or brain injuries are the result of medical negligence by doctors, hospitals or other medical professionals during the delivery process. Those mistakes can and often do happen during the following:

  • Performing a necessary C-section delivery
  • Complication with a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-Section) delivery – such as uterine rupture, use of excessive force during the delivery.
  • A miscalculation of the baby’s size caused a traumatic delivery.

A Qualified Birth Injury Attorney Can Help Determine Birth Injury Cause

In order to determine if a birth injury was caused by negligence, it’s important to hire a lawyer with significant experience in successfully handling birth injury cases. The qualified birth injury attorney will gather and review all medical records to assess whether the case has merit.

This process is lengthy and can take several months. Birth injury cases are very difficult and expensive to win. In fact, many firms like ours turn down many cases. However, when we believe we can prove a serious birth injury was caused by negligence or medical malpractice, we take the case and fight hard to win it.

If you are in Oregon or Washington and think you have a birth injury case, contact our birth injury attorneys.