Complaint Over Breast Reduction & Liposuction on Underage Patient

Sometimes I read newspaper articles about medical malpractice cases and wonder if someone is trying to play a prank on me. The things some doctors allegedly do to their patients? Unbelievable. Take, for instance, the doctor/dentist in Moses Lake, Washington, who performed breast reduction surgery as well as liposuction on a 15-year-old girl.

Dr. Thomas Laney has licenses to practice medicine and dentistry in Washington State. He moved to Moses Lake in spring of 2006, where he works as a doctor specializing in head, face, and jaw surgery. He performed the surgery on the 15-year-old girl in 2005 in Seattle. The girl sued Laney in 2008 for malpractice. Dr. Laney apparently did a poor job on the breast reduction surgery, including incorrect placement of the girl’s nipples. The lawsuit settled out of court, and later in 2008 a complaint was filed with the Medical Quality Assurance Commission of Washington.

Only now is the state board responding to the complaint. It is stating that Laney was not qualified to perform the surgeries and is charging him with unprofessional conduct. Not only did he mess up the breast reduction surgery, the board says, but he also should not have performed liposuction on such a young patient.

Laney’s attorney argues that the doctor did nothing wrong and followed protocol. Records indicate, however, that Dr. Laney has been sued some 10 times and fined several times, and one of his patients died following cosmetic surgery. Yes, there are risks with any surgery, but what do you think? I say buyer beware.