NY Giants Head Injury Donation | Football-Related Head Injury Lawsuits

New York Giants Chairman Steve Tisch just donated $1.2 million to NYC public high schools, all in the name of safety. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the donation would go toward helping high school football teams set up special programs to respond to head injuries.

Football-related head injuries have made headlines of late, with NFL stars such as Kevin Turner, Leonard Marshall, and Tony Dorsett coming out with stories of inadequate treatment and prevention, conditions such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (“CTE”), and lifelong trauma leading to memory loss, depression, and even suicide. In fact, the NFL recently conceded to evidence that one out of every three of its players would suffer some type of brain trauma.

Perhaps Tisch is trying to restore his franchise’s image, or even faith in the NFL. Whatever the case, these types of programs to increase awareness and treat on-field head injuries are long overdue. As part of the donation, NYC high school football teams will get professional trainers and medical techs to accompany all practices. The $1.2 million donation will affect 3,500 players over the course of two years. Most schools do not have the financial means to implement this level of safety.

Recently, the National Football League agreed to pay $765 million to almost 5,000 of its former players after they formed a class and sued the league, alleging that it knew the long-term risks associated with these head injuries, yet did nothing to protect the players. This might not be the last of what the NFL has to pay either. Many other players continue to come forward with CTE and related conditions.

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