Mousy Drink

You know how a lot of people complain about frivolous lawsuits? Well, listen to this story and decide if you think it’s a frivolous lawsuit. Vitaliy Suzhik of Federal Way, WA, has filed a lawsuit against Hansen Beverage Company for negligence and product liability. Suzhik claims he discovered a mouse in a 16-ounce can of Monster Energy Drink. He alleges that as he drank from the can, “debris and gunk” entered his mouth, and when he peered into the can, he saw a tail. He went to the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital and was told he would be fine.

Hansen, the manufacturer of Monster Energy Drinks, issued a statement disagreeing with Suzhik’s claim. The company asserts its production process has strict safety standards and there is no way a mouse could have gotten into a can during production. For more information on this story, see this article.