Mismanaged care leads to amputation

A young mother from Brooklyn, New York, woke up from a medical nightmare that resulted in the loss of her feet and hands from an infection. She just settled for $17.9 million in a lawsuit against the Brooklyn Hospital Center and the city.

Tabitha Mullings visited the emergency room at Brooklyn Hospital Center in the fall of 2008 with severe pain. They told her she had a kidney stone and sent her home with some painkillers. That didn’t work, so the following day she called 911 on two occasions but for whatever reason responders chose not to take her to the hospital. Mullings’ pain did not improve, so the next day her fiancé took her to the hospital.

Mullings woke up from a coma and discovered her feet and hands had been amputated due to gangrene. Her body had been ravaged by an infection. She sued Brooklyn Hospital Center and the city right away, and recently they came to a settlement. The hospital stands by its care but felt Mullings would garner too much sympathy with a jury so decided it’d be wisest to settle. The city will pay Mullings $8.5 million, and the hospital and two doctors will pay $9.4 million.

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