I’ve been hyp-no-tized

This is a sad story, one in which the truth may never be revealed. A Minnesota woman who entered the Castlewood Treatment Center in 2007 to treat her eating disorder is now suing the center, alleging that she was hypnotized into believing she had been a victim of sexual abuse, had been involved in satanic cult activity, and suffered from multiple personalities.

The patient, Lisa Nasseff, was in the treatment center for 15 months and believes her psychologist was involved in the hypnosis. She also believes the motive for the hypnosis may have been partly financial, a ploy to keep her in treatment to extract medical insurance reimbursements for as long as possible. Nasseff also says the center used psychotropic drugs in addition to hypnosis to “treat” her anorexia.

Castlewood Treatment Center plans to fight the lawsuit and denies Nasseff’s allegations. The psychologist named in the lawsuit, Mark Schwartz, says hypnosis was not used in Nasseff’s treatment. Hypnosis is not a recognized form of treatment for eating disorders.

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