Inner Circle of Advocates


Inner Circle of Advocates – Best Trial Lawyers in America

The Inner Circle of Advocates consists of 100 of the best trial lawyers in America. Founded in 1972, plaintiff lawyers are carefully selected by their experience, character, reputation, judicial references, peer evaluations and overall success in the courtroom. Their mission is to “promote the highest standards of courtroom competence and the mutual fellowship and exchange of knowledge among outstanding trial lawyers.”

Membership is limited to invitation only. In order to be considered for membership, lawyers must have exceptional qualifications, including several jury verdicts exceeding $1 million dollars. The few selected members who are invited into the Inner Circle work collectively to exchange expertise and knowledge.

Receiving the invitation to apply for membership into the Inner Circle was one of the highlights of my life. The day I learned that I was accepted was the greatest professional honor of my career. I’m grateful to be surrounded by lawyers who are legendary talents and people. Everyday they inspire me to be the best that I can be. It is also an honor to be the 4th trial lawyer member in the history of Oregon. I make every effort to ensure that my clients benefit from my association with such fine lawyers and I hope to inspire the next generation of trial lawyers the same way my friends from the Inner Circle inspire me daily.