Hospital Help?

Where do you think the best place to have a heart attack is? You’d think it would be near or in a hospital, but you might be wrong, particularly if you’re in a hospital parking lot, and the hospital happens to be Portland Adventist Medical Center.

Last week Birgilio Marin-Fuentes was not feeling well and decided to drive himself to Portland Adventist Medical Center. What he nor his family knew at the time was that he was suffering from a heart attack. He made it as far as the hospital parking lot before passing out and crashing. He was only a few hundred feet frmo the entrance to the emergency room. First on the scene were a couple of police officers. They began administering CPR on Marin-Fuentes while another officer ran into the emergency room for help. The ER staff allegedly instructed the officer to call 911 and said they could not send anyone out to the parking lot. They did, however, send out a paramedic who was in the ER at the time, and some minutes later an ambulance arrived.

It’s hard to tell what the real story is. There were in total 8 police officers and 2 sergeants who responded to the call, and most of them contend that hospital staff did not respond or help. Marin-Fuentes ended up dying. His family has retained attorneys to investigate the hospital’s response. They issued a statement that, “The police reports show 10 officers made it to the scene prior to Mr. Marin-Fuentes being taken into the ER, and none observed any Adventist medical personnel responding to a man who was ‘unconscious and not breathing’ within 260 feet of the ER entrance on the Adventist campus.” The hospital defends its practices and said it was following protocol.