He Said, He Said: Cop Against Cop

Marva Davis, mother of Aaron Campbell, who was shot and killed by a Portland police officer in January 2010, has settled her wrongful death suit against the City of Portland for $1.2 million. Davis lost two sons that day; Campbell was upset over the death of his brother and talked of suicide. The police were called, and as Campbell came out of the apartment, walking backwards with his arms raised and hands behind his head, he was hit with beanbag rounds. He was then shot again with a lethal round and died. Campbell was not armed.

In the aftermath of this tragic shooting there has been some finger pointing within the Portland Police Bureau. Chief Mike Reese found the lethal shooting to be in violation of police policy and subsequently fired the officer who killed Campbell. On the other hand, nearly a dozen training officers for the bureau came forward to support the officer’s actions, saying he acted according to bureau training.

The officer in question, Ronald Frashour, is hoping to have his firing overturned, and the police union is presenting his case to a state arbitrator. Reese stands by his decision to fire Frashour. Marva Davis hopes the bureau takes a closer look at its policies and implements some reforms so that no other families have to endure what hers has.

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