Got Your Goat

Here’s a tragic story. A hiker in the Olympic National Forest was gored by an aggressive mountain goat and died. This happened in fall of 2010. Apparently Bob Boardman of Port Angeles was hiking with his wife, Susan Chadd, and a friend, when the mountain goat in question started acting aggressively toward them. The hikers resumed their hike while the mountain goat followed. The animal then attacked Boardman and stayed with him for about 30 minutes, making it impossible to approach Boardman to help him. Reports indicate Boardman probably died within five minutes of the attack.

Now Boardman’s estate has filed wrongful death and personal injury claims against the Olympic National Park in an amount totaling more than $10 million, and the estate’s lawyer warns that he intends to officially file a wrongful death lawsuit against the park. Boardman’s wife claims the park was negligent and irresponsible and that the park knew the mountain goat was aggressive. After the attack on Boardman park rangers shot and killed the goat. Tests indicated the goat was healthy.

The claims include wrongful death claims of $5 million for Boardman’s estate, $3 million for Chadd, and $2 million for Chadd’s son. The personal injury claims include more than $22,000 for expenses covering medical care as well as funeral expenses, counseling sessions, and so on.

What do you think? Do you agree with these claims?