Good Doctor, Bad Doctor

Remember back in school when you got to fill out the teacher evaluation forms? It was a good opportunity to praise, or punish, your teachers. Well, with the age of the Internet, we can voice our opinions about anyone and anything whenever we choose. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? A recent Associated Press story that appeared discussed the issues the medical community has over web sites that negatively rate physicians. Doctors contend that not only are such ratings uninformative and hurtful but that they cannot fight against them, since medical privacy laws prevent doctors from disclosing information about patients or their medical procedures.

There is now a company, Medical Justice, that offers physicians a patient form that prevents patients from posting negative feedback online. The company has some 2,000 doctor clients. Still, sites such as, which has anonymous posters, will not remove negative comments and defend posters’ rights to add comments based on the First Amendment.

There are good doctors and bad doctors everywhere. Do your research, and don’t believe everything you read online, whether it’s positive or negative.