Getting Home After the Brew Pub | Paulson Coletti

../carsWhether you are enjoying your time at 5th Quadrant, Alameda Brewhouse, Base Camp Brewing, or any of the other magnificent brew pubs in the Portland area, it is important to make sure you are able to get home safely once you’re done. It is definitely not encouraged for any individual to drink and drive. So if you were out and had some drinks, how do you get home safely?

At Paulson Coletti, we also urge individuals to avoid walking home while they are drunk because their decision-making ability may be altered. Unfortunately, of the 28 traffic fatalities that occurred in Portland in 2014, more than half of them (15) were pedestrian accidents. If a pedestrian is drunk, this can increase the possibility of an accident. Because of this, our Portland pedestrian accident attorneys put together some tips for individuals to consider after the brew pub in order to get home in the safest manner possible.

Have a Designated Driver

If you plan on going out, see if a friend who doesn’t drink is willing to be the designated driver to get everyone home safely. There are often times when a group of friends has one person who doesn’t drink to get drunk or at all. They can help make sure everyone is good to get home.

Use a Taxi or Driving Service

There are numerous services that are designed specifically to help individuals get home, especially if they have been drinking. Some of these services offer apps on your phone so you can setup a ride quickly and without any kind of hassle.

Public Transportation

Some public transportation services may not help if a person is drunk and shows some cause for concern, but if you are too intoxicated to drive, this may be an option. Finding a way to get home without walking or driving is crucial if you go out drinking.

After a night at the brew pub, make sure you take the proper steps to get home safely.