Get Off the Bus

There are always two sides to a story. Which one do you believe? Well, remember that TriMet bus driver who kicked a woman and her crying child off the bus because the baby was crying? A similar situation occurred the other day on a bus in Forest Grove. A mother and her children were allegedly kicked off the bus because the kids were crying. A police officer then gave the family a ride home because it was raining.

The identity of the bus driver has not been revealed as TriMet conducts its own investigation, but there is speculation it is the same bus driver who kicked off the mother and her child. That driver, Claudeen Hendren, is known to riders as a not particularly pleasant bus driver, and the 112 complaints she has racked up since 2009 prove it.

More details of the incident with the mother and her children have come out, though there are conflicting details. A rider on the bus, Mike Canoy, says the family boarded the bus with expired tickets then got rude when the driver told them they needed to pay. The mother, Maria Ruiz, disputes this. She says she was going to pay but the driver kept hassling her. She eventually told the driver to “shut up.” As the family was getting kicked off the bus, a police car happened to drive by. The officer stopped to try to help. The driver supposedly told him she does not want people crying on the bus.

Rider Canoy defended the driver’s actions, but who knows which side was right. The fact remains that for every positive story about a TriMet driver, there are plenty more negative ones.