Home Birth vs. Hospital Delivery | Low-Risk Pregnancies

Britain’s National Health Service recently announced that women with low-risk pregnancies should consider staying home to have their baby, aided by a midwife. According to these regulators, nearly half of all women have pregnancies deemed “uncomplicated.”

According to updated information from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, healthy women with low-risk pregnancies are at a greater risk for developing infections in the hospital as opposed to delivering their baby at home.

The recommendation does not advocate that home births are safer for everyone. Women who are either unhealthy or have been diagnosed with complicated pregnancies should deliver their baby in a maternity ward where medical intervention is possible in the event of an emergency.

Doctors and medical assistants are more likely to intervene with unnecessary surgical measures that can do more harm than good. Healthy women who choose to deliver their babies in maternity wards are at a greater risk of –

  • Infections
  • Forceps injury / damaged perineum
  • Unnecessary or botched cesarean sections
  • Death and other serious complications

What is true in Britain reflects closely what is happening in the United States, the major difference is that Britain has taken a more progressive approach to advising its women about childbirth, while in the United States, less than 1.5% of mothers choose to deliver their children outside of a hospital.

Britain and the United States have vastly different healthcare systems. In Britain, healthcare experts readily advise healthy mothers now to have their children at home while in the United States, healthcare experts are wary of doing so, in part, for fear of losing their patients to midwives. In other words, U.S. doctors are wary of recommending midwifing because they would lose money.

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