Explaining the Oregon Personal Injury Claim Process

Q: I believe I may have a personal injury claim for an accident I suffered in Oregon at the hands of others. Do I need to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle my case? How long does the entire process take?

A: These are great questions about the Oregon personal injury claim process and we receive them often.<b/”>There are many details to consider in each case, so answering this question will be in general terms. Here is a two part answer:

Reason to hire an Oregon personal injury attorney

Personal injury cases can range (but are not limited to) the following: premises liability, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, construction accidents, boating accidents, auto accidents, trucking accidents and railroad accidents. If you think you have a personal injury claim, you are advised to consult an Oregon personal injury attorney who can review your case let and let you know what your options are.

Note: If your personal injury case occurred Oregon, make sure to consult an Oregon personal injury with expertise handling (and winning) cases like yours.

The personal injury claims process will vary case by case

How long a claim takes really depends upon the individual case. Generally speaking, most Oregon cases are completed (unless there are other delays or an appeal), within 15 months of the case being filed in court.

Hopefully, this helps to answer your question. For additional information on the process, consult our FAQ page on our website where we address questions (like yours) to help consumers understand more about Oregon personal injury litigation. You are also invited to contact our office to find out if we can help you.