Don’t bob the BOB

BOB baby strollers were among the first, and maybe even the first, strollers designed to go off road. They seemed to have been designed with runners in mind. Sadly, the company, B.O.B. Trailers Inc., just issued a voluntary recall of more than 350,000 single and double strollers. The strollers in question have a drawstring on the stroller canopy that can pose a strangulation risk. Among the models affected by the recall are the Sport Utility Stroller, the Ironman Duallie, The Revolution Duallie, and the Stroller Strides. The strollers were made between April 2002 and March 2010.

There have not been any reported deaths, but one 11-month-old did get the drawstring wrapped around her neck. Her mother was able to remedy the situation. For more information go to theBob web site or see this article.