Importance of Trusting Your Doctor | Medical Malpractice Attorney

When doctors leave health plans, patients can be left scrambling to find a new physician. Finding the right doctor can be difficult enough, but getting to know that doctor and trusting them is even harder. How can you develop a relationship of trust with a new physician?

It can take years to find the right doctor, and even years after that to feel like you have a solid relationship with that doctor. Unfortunately, changing insurance models and health plans are causing doctors to move around more than perhaps ever before. Your doctor might make a change to leave your health plan, what happens then? Unfortunately, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to follow your doctor to a new plan.

We aren’t doctors here at Paulson Coletti, but we do work with them frequently. One of our firm’s areas of emphasis is medical malpractice litigation. Far too often, we hear from people who were harmed by a medication that didn’t work for them or a certain type of procedure – but we can’t help them.

Medical malpractice cases can only stand up if there is evidence of negligence on behalf of a doctor, hospital, or other type of healthcare provider. When negligence results in harm to a patient, we can take action. Medical malpractice cases may not stand up when patients are injured because they failed to disclose certain medical history or symptoms to their physician.

When we say trust your physician, we mean tell them everything – even if you think it may not be relevant. Doctors need to know everything about your symptoms and your medical history to make an accurate diagnosis. While it might be embarrassing to disclose certain symptoms to a friend or family member, you cannot hide things from your doctor.

It can be difficult to get to this level of trust with any doctor, especially a new one if you’ve recently had to switch due to insurance coverage, but it is absolutely necessary. Doctors still make mistakes, and when they do, our attorneys may be able to help. These cases are incredibly complex and best evaluated by an attorney experienced in this field of law. Call Paulson Coletti for a free legal evaluation if you believe you, or a loved one, was harmed by a doctor’s negligence.