Dental distress

I have never been afraid of going to the dentist, but I know this is a fear many people have. A Kentucky woman says her dentist dropped a small instrument down her throat during a routine visit and that she later had to have it surgically removed. She has filed a lawsuit against the dentist.

The tool in question was a small screwdriver that the dentist, Dr. W. B. Galbreath, was using the tool while working on the patient’s dental implants. The plaintiff, 71-year-old Lena David, has dentures, and the implants hold them in place. The dentist dropped the implant screwdriver, and David swallowed it. The tool was lodged in David’s throat, but she was unable to get rid of it. Dr. Galbreath told her to visit a nearby chiropractor to get X-rays, and the dentist read the films. He informed her that the tool was in her stomach and that it should pass through her system naturally. He suggested she consume a high-fiber diet to help. Unfortunately, David did not pass the screwdriver naturally, and she ended up in the hospital to have it removed.

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