What Are the Dangers of Septic Shock?

Septic shock is the final stage of a condition called sepsis. Sepsis occurs when infections in the body are left untreated. This usually results in chills, weakness, and a high heart rate. When left unmonitored, sepsis turns into septic shock, which can be lethal. Septic shock is a preventable illness that can occur when hospitals and medical staff do not properly monitor infections or offer a high level of care.

Patients at hospitals are more likely to be afflicted because of the nature of their environment. If they are already sick, their immune system is weak, which allows for infections to take hold more easily. If not treated properly, these infections can lead to septic shock. If you believe that you have suffered such an injury due to medical negligence, call a Portland septic shock attorney today.

Individuals most likely to suffer septic shock are:

  • The elderly
  • Newborns
  • Pregnant women
  • Patients with long-term illnesses such as cirrhosis and diabetes
  • Patients with weak immune systems because of AIDS/HIV or are recovering from chemotherapy

The most common symptoms include low blood pressure, diarrhea, nausea, and altered mental states. Doctors and physicians should be aware of the potential threat of septic shock for their patients and if these symptoms are exhibited, should act quickly to rectify the situation.

When a doctor fails to diagnose and treat septic shock, the patient can suffer lasting adverse consequences. It is the hospital’s responsibility to provide efficient care and negligence and inaction can lead to high risks.

Potential complications of include:

  • Abnormal clotting of blood
  • Organs start failing
  • Respiratory failure
  • Heart failure
  • Death

According to NHS, 50% of septic shock cases are expected to result in death. This number can be reduced if doctors maintained the level of care they need to. If you have lost a loved one or have suffered because of this preventable condition, contact the Portland medical malpractice attorneys at Paulson Coletti. You may have grounds to receive compensation for cases of negligence. Call today to for a free consultation.