Crash and burn

Early this year two young women from the Gresham area were in Portland having some fun. They knew they would be drinking, so they did the responsible thing and did not drive. As they waited for their ride to pick them up, a drunken, irresponsible person drove into them.

Brandi Butner and Rebecca Bray were out celebrating Butner’s 21st birthday in Old Town when Brent Warstler ran into them. He allegedly had three passengers in his pickup truck, he was speeding, he ran a red light, and he was drunk. He killed Bray and seriously injured Butner. Butner has endured two surgeries and is still in rehabilitation, and it is unclear whether she will fully recover.

Butner is suing Warstler for $3 million, and others may be added to the lawsuit, depending on what investigators discover about the establishments that served Warstler (if Warstler was visible drunk, restaurants that served him can be held responsible).

The lawsuit by Butner is just one of Warstler’s problems. He also faces numerous criminal charges.