Collision course

An eleven-year-old girl was killed and her triplet sisters injured when the school bus they were riding on collided with a dump truck in February of 2012 outside of Philadelphia. The parents of the girls just filed a lawsuit against the driver of the school bus, the driver of the dump truck, and the employers of the drivers.

It was one of those accidents where all parties seemed to make poor decisions. The school bus driver, who had only been on the job for a few weeks and had already accrued several complaints from parents, allegedly inched into the intersection then entered the intersection. The truck driver was driving at high speeds, and the vehicle was over its weight limit. In addition, the truck’s brakes were not in proper condition. The truck driver’s license had been suspended for reckless driving in 2003. The bus driver claims he did not see the oncoming truck. The truck swerved but was unable to avoid hitting the back of the bus. The bus then spun around and hit a light pole. The eleven-year-old was the only fatality, but seventeen other students were hurt.

The Prosecutor’s Office is waiting for investigators of the National Transportation Safety Board to finalize its findings before making a decision regarding criminal charges against the drivers.

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