Caught Under the Bus

We have repeatedly blogged about TriMet bus accidents, and we know there have been many occasions where the TriMet drivers have certainly been at fault. The latest lawsuit to hit TriMet seems to be another case of TriMet driver error, but there isn’t enough information here to really know what the true story is.

Timofey Gitlin, a retired engineer, is suing TriMet for $3.3 million after he was run over by a bus and lost a leg last fall. Gitlin was allegedly waiting at a bus stop in SW Portland with groceries when a No. 54 bus pulled up. Gitlin asked the driver if it was indeed the No. 54 then asked the driver to wait a moment as he fetched his groceries. The bus then supposedly closed its doors and started to drive away. Gitlin attempted to catch the bus driver’s attention but then slipped and went under the bus. As a result of the accident, he had to have one of his legs amputated.

The TriMet bus driver has a different recollection of what happened. At the time of the accident, the driver told police that Gitlin communicated that he did not want to ride that bus, and that’s why the driver pulled away.

The lawsuit not only asks for more than $115,000 to cover past medical expenses, but it also requests $2.5 for pain and suffering as well as $750,000 for Gitlin’s wife, who suffered from non-economic damages.