Brace yourself again!

Last August 22-year-old Devin Bost sued his Eugene orthodontist for $185,100, about $35k of that for dental bills and $150k of that for pain and suffering. He claimed that the orthodontist, Brad Chvatal, had him wear braces for so long that his teeth rotted. Bost wore braces from age 7 to 18. Most people wear braces for about two years, not eleven!

The case was set to go to trial in October, but Bost recently dropped the lawsuit. Orthodontist Chvatal’s attorney, Bob Wagner, stated the lawsuit was frivolous and many of the claims could not be substantiated. Wagner said Bost had his braces put on by an orthodontist other than Chvatal and that during the time Bost was Chvatal’s patient, he missed a number of appointments. Shortly before Bost had his braces removed, a dentist examined his teeth, and at that time they were not rotted or diseased. Bost then had a few teeth removed several years after his braces had been taken off. The removal was due to “terrible oral hygiene,” according to Wagner, who got the information from the dentist who pulled the teeth.

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