Beyond Pest Control

Beware of the exterminator, or at least what the exterminator is spreading around your house. Two members of a family in Utah died after rat poison was sprayed around their house. Rebecca Kay Toone, 4 years old, and 15-month-old Rachel Ana Toone had higher than normal phosphorus levels in their systems upon death. The rat poison in question, Fumitoxin, may have let off phosphine vapors.

The Toone family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the pest control company, Bugman Pest and Lawn, as well as the exterminator who fumigated the property. The lawsuit was filed in March of 2011 and settled in December 2011. The suit contended that the Fumitoxin pellets were not used according to the product instructions. In October the fumigator and Bugman both pleaded guilty to unlawful use of a registered pesticide in U.S. District Court.

Soon after the deaths of the Toone girls, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned the residential use of Fumitoxin.

Pest control and toxins go hand in hand. Do your homework if you plan to hire a fumigator!

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