Automobile Accidents – Dealing with Adjusters

We are frequently contacted by people who have been injured in an automobile accident with the question of whether they should agree to provide a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster representing the person who hit them. Our general advice is to contact an attorney before speaking with the adjuster. Make sure that you understand your rights and any potential ramifications which may result from your discussion.

To the extent you agree to speak with the adjuster rather than hire an attorney to do so, it is important to understand that you are not required by law to provide a written or recorded statement. Generally, we suggest that you do not provide a recorded statement for fear that the recording might be inaccurately transcribed, potentially attributing statements to you which are untrue.

You can agree to speak with the adjuster with the understanding that they may take notes of the conversation but no recording will be allowed. This will allow the adjuster to obtain sufficient information to evaluate the claim without the risk of an inaccurate recording.

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