Baby Product Recall: Cribs | Defective Product Lawyer

Do you think maybe manufacturers just have something against infants and toddlers? It sure seems as if there has been an increase in recalls of children’s products lately, or maybe I am just more aware of them, or perhaps the oversight of such products has improved. Anyway, the latest recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is for full-size cribs with the Simplicity brand name as well as drop-side cribs by Graco.

The Simplicity cribs include fixed-side and drop-side cribs. They involve a number of models and were sold at such stores as Target, Walmart, and Babies R Us. The prices ranged from $150 to $300. The company went out of business, so owners of the cribs are urged to stop using the cribs immediately and to contact the store where the crib was purchased. The CPSC has been notified of one suffocation death and some 13 instances where the cribs collapsed.

With the Graco cribs, the problem is with the drop-side hardware. We reported on a similar problem last year when 2.1 million drop-side cribs made by Stork Craft Manufacturing were recalled. The hardware can fall off or break, which then causes the drop sides to detach or come apart. An infant can then get wedged between the detached side and the crib mattress and suffocate. An infant can also fall out. There have been nearly 100 reported instances of the drop side detaching this way. The voluntary recall involves about 217,000 cribs that were sold between 2007 and 2010 and ranged in price from $140 and $200.